Friday, December 28, 2007


We have had so much fun having my sister and her kids out for Christmas, even though it has seemed like we were running around a lot, kids are the heart of Christmas! And look at the adorable ones that I had the honor of spending it with! I really am going to feel lost without them!!!
They are such a joy! For all of you out there that sometimes just don't want your siblings around because they drive you crazy sometimes, it is soooo much better to have them close than have them 1500 miles away!! I love you Jesse & Sarah!

Monday, December 17, 2007


It is crazy! To think that Christmas is only 8 days from now. I have no idea how it will all come together but hopefully it will. Things are always so busy at this time of year! So much to do.... my sister Melanie from Minnesota is coming with my nephew Jesse (15), and niece Sarah (4). ON WEDNESDAY! I know it will be so much fun having them here for "Santa" , it means more presents under the tree anyway! But it is so stressful trying to get my house in order for them! Not that it's that bad but you know how it is when people come you want it to be perfect! I probably go a little overboard worrying about if the beds are going to be comfortable enough or if I need to go and get a foam topper or something! Or if the sheets aren't cute enough! It is so dumb because it is just my sister for heavens sake! I really am excited or I will be when there is not any time to stress out about it anymore. I love Christmas I just want my house to look like Modern Display! I know, ridiculous because I am NOT Martha Stewart by any means! Well I am going to go and clean something or find different sheets or mabey I will go and run on the treadmill and say forget it! Hope you are all running around as much as me! Where ae you Christmas?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

New York City!

I know, I know it is so corny, but I had to get a picture of the "sign"! Okay so I am a little bit of a total nerd!

With the bull on Wall Street! Mabey it will bring luck to the markets when I hang this in my office!!! Lets hope!

So I was in New York on my birthday last month for business, I know not fun! But I decided to make the most of it! I saw Phantom on Broadway! It was so amazing, I had chills like the whole time! I was lucky I saw it two days before Broadway went on strike!

Our "kids"

So these are our "kids"! Sampson 6, is on the left and Baer 5, on the right knawing away. They also love camping and water and general rough housing just like typical boys their age. They might look a little scary but in fact they are very lovable and think they are lap dogs. They love anyone who gives them any attention!

About us

So this is us at Disneyland in July and the one below is camping I think at East Canyon.

So a few things about Dave and I are we are about to have our 9 year wedding aniversary in a couple of weeks! It is crazy I know I think we are the oldest married couple in the state of Utah that still does not have kids! We have two very sweet dogs Sampson and Baer. I am a financial advisor and Dave is a wholesaler for Hearth & Home. We love to go camping, and vacationing and we sure did a lot of it last summer! We just bought a new boat in August. And we certainly know how to have fun!

First Timer

Okay here goes! This seems to be the way of the world and the way everyone stays in touch so I am creating a blog so that everyone that I never see knows what I am up to! I started looking at blogs because my cousin Megan had a baby and was posting info and pictures. From there I found all sorts of people from way back that I have not seen in forever! So it has been fun finding out what everyone has been up to. I am going to post this and try to figure out how to add pictures.