Monday, April 28, 2008


It's a good thing we had such great pedicure's!
At the Polynesian Cultural Center with the folks, and the "native" Coley! (more on that later) And of course the great hair I had the entire trip because of curls + humidity = frizz.......the curse of curly hair.
So beautiful! Sunset Beach on the North Shore

We just got back from Hawaii this morning and we had a really good time with Heidi & Coley and seeing Dave's parents. I have so many pictures and when I try to get them organized I will post more but I had to post these!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st Camping trip of the YEAR!!!

We were so excited to get out on the first camping trip of the year! It was a little scary because we were unsure of the weather, but we anticipated the trip for so long we just said we don't care about the weather we will have fun anyway!

And here was Friday, a little windy for a couple hours, but really a okay day and certainly warmer than Salt Lake so we were happy!
Sand Mountain!
More Sand Mountain!
The first quad ride of the first trip, yes that is my husband like a giddy little kid!
And below it's dancing in the sunshine! Jaylene and Timmy! Here below is Heidi's first brat of the seasonLook at all the SUNSHINE AND DUNES TO RIDE ON!!Dave on a boring (for him) ride with meThen me in my coordinating pink I am still trying to convince my husband to let me paint my quad pink as well, that would be perfect!! Then I always say only in Utah is it bright and sunny 65 on day one of camping and this was what we woke up to Sunday morning....
Yep folks that is snow on Sand Mountain! It is hopefully the only time I will see snow on the mountain! It wasn't even that cold but it was definately snowing!!! We still had a wonderful time and can't wait to go again who knows mabey this weekend!
This is the ride home, the kids were exhausted but they love camping!